At the Astana Economic Forum - 2016, experts from many countries will discuss global challenges of the world economy

14 april 2016

Main tendencies and challenges of the global economy in the new economic reality will be discussed at the Astana Economic Forum-2016 in Astana. The chairman of the Board of JSC "Economic Research Institute" spoke about the preparation processes for the up-coming forum at the press conference of the CCS.

The primary topic of this year's AEF, which will be held in Astana on May 25-26, will be "New Economic Reality: Diversification, Innovation and the Knowledge economy". At the forum the main tendencies and challenges of the global economy, as well as issues of long-term economic growth in the new economic realitywill be discussed.

"The choice of topic is linked with global changes in the world, the formation of a new economic reality and a number of challenges in geopolitics, the economy and the financial system. The new phase of economic slowdown provoked a decrease in consumption and demand, a sharp fall in commodity prices, which has caused a revision of the economic policy in many countries", - said A. Irgibaev.

Traditionally, the forum will be attended by internationally-recognized representatives of the expert community, politicians, heads of major financial institutions, heads of international organizations, Nobel Prize winners. Among them are the founder of Chinese company in the field of Internet commerce "AliBabaGroup", Jack Ma; Managing Director of the "IMF", Christine Lagarde; President of "EBRD" Suma Chakrabarti and many others.

An important new feature, a participation fee, has been adopted this year.

"One of the main approaches of AEF-2016 is a gradual transition of a commercialization of the Forum through the introduction of paid participation: 35 thousand tenge and 100 thousand tenge with access to the plenary session," - said the member of the Board.

This method, according to him, is widespread throughout the world. Many global platforms and forums have participation fees for its activities to expand their capabilities.

It is anticipated that the plenary will take part, with the participation of the Head of State. All in all, the forum plans to hold about 20 sessions.
The main events of the forum will be the Kazakhstan Investment Summit, organized in cooperation with the world-renowned magazine "The Economist", Forum countries of the Silk Road, jointly organized with the Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia, Kazakhstan forum on privatization jointly organized with the authoritative international publisher "The Financial Times".

"The combination of these major international events will contribute to attracting leading experts, scientists, politicians, representatives of business and world-class investors, executives of multinational corporations and international financial institutions at one venue", - A. Irgaliyev confirmed.

We also note that on May 24, before the start of AEF-2016 the IMF Regional Forum will take place with the participation of the ManagingDirector - Christine Lagarde, the Governments of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the EAEC member states.
In addition, after the forum the 29th Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors Council under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan will take place.

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