26 august 2016

The start of the national journalists contest "Samghau" was given in Kazakhstan.
This was announced during a press conference in CCS by the President of the Club of Chief Editors Bibigul Zheksenbai and president of ULPA Federation for the quality control system of Kazakhstani goods and services “Halyk Markasy” Rimma Tazhibaeva.

These organizations signed a memorandum of cooperation, which main objectives are the improvement of the image of Kazakhstani producers and the union of the overall effort in the promotion of Kazakh products.

One of the tools in this work is a contest for journalists, which is called "Samghau".
The organizers are confident that this event will contribute to the identification of significant projects in the framework of the campaign "Made in Kazakhstan" and in forming a interest to the national brand and the consumer sign "Halyk Markasy".

The winners will be nominatedin eight categories,the winner of the Grand Prix of the contest will be awarded a car of domestic production.

To participate in the project, participates should send their material and information about themselves (name, media name, contact information, email address, the name and release date of the publication of the material) to the e-mail address until 30 November 2016. The announcement of the resultsof the competition will be held in December.

+7 (7172) 559-338

Kunayev street 4, Astana,
13th floor