TV Channels of “Khabar” Agency Offers Kazakhstanis Modern Media Products, Says A.Aksyutits

29 december 2015

The transformation enabled to update the TV viewing grid of the channel “Bilim zhane Madeniet” by 80%. This was informed by the Director of the channel Alexander Aksyutits during the press conference in Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan.

“Six months ago was launched the large-scale transformation process. Now the emphasis is on the cultural and cognitive content, and particular attention is paid to documentaries,” he said.

In total, 25 new projects were launched: “The mystery and the fate of the great Kazakhs”, “Omir Zholy”, “Secrets of museums”, “Annals of the steppes”, “Unknown Kazakhstan”. In addition, TV channels “BBC” and “Discovery” purchased a set of documentaries on historical themes. This, according to Alexander Aksyutits, significantly increases the attractiveness of “Bilim zhane Madeniet” for the audience.

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