Expert: Air Strikes on Positions of Islamic State in Syria Have Visible Results

10 november 2015

In late September, the Russian air force delivered the first air strikes on the positions of the so-called “IS” (“DAISH”) in Syria. The main goal - to destroy arms depots, training camps, and supply channels of weapons to the terrorists.

The Director of the Institute for Geopolitical Studies, Professor of Religious Studies of ENU named after L.N. Gumilev Assylbek Izbairov informed about the effectiveness and impact of these actions in the interview for the portal ORTCOM.KZ.

“Air strikes on the positions of “IS” in Syria have a visible result. The result of these actions - a certain regrouping of the organization. The terrorist are forced to look for new channels of supply of weapons and ammunition, so now the supply of weapons is carried out by mobile units. Many warehouses are destroyed, that is why the terrorists are forced to look for new storage location of their property,” said the expert.

At the same time, the actions of the Russian Aviation allowed Bashar Assad to enlist the support of many local tribes.

“But we should not think that the air strikes on the positions of “IS” will lead to the complete destruction of the terrorists. Their main forces are concentrated in Iraq, and for the period of air strikes extremists fade back on the territory of this state,” said Assylbek Izbairov.

In addition, the expert thought that the actions of the Russian authorities have greatly angered terrorists.

“Of course, Russia now seizes the initiative in the region. This is a politically correct move, but strategically it can have serious consequences,” added the speaker.

According to his words, the terrorists can intensify their activities, in particular to strengthen the recruitment of new members in Russia. This is, first of all, the Transcaucasus.

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