Expert: “Kazakhstan’s Accession to WTO to Facilitate Access to Advanced Technologies and Capital"

20 november 2015

July 27, at the meeting in Geneva, the General Council of the World Trade Organization unanimously approved the package of documents on Kazakhstan's accession to the organization. Officially, the Republic will become a full member of the organization after the settlement of all formalities at the end of 2015. The expert, coordinator of the research company Global Monitor Valikhan Tuleshev spoke about the prospects of WTO membership in the interview for the portal ORTCOM.KZ.

“Of course, since the entry into the WTO, access to the markets of advanced technology and capital will be simplified, for which we should create completely liberal and the most appropriate conditions in the country,” said the speaker.

Valikhan Tuleshev emphasized that Kazakhstan’s membership in the WTO will begin to benefit not after the 7-10 year transition to WTO standards and tariffs, but when we will manage to deeply diversify, to renew our economy by scientific and technological innovation, to make it truly innovative.

According to the words of the expert, it will come when the majority of the national domestic market goods will be sold on other markets, and there will be achieved an impressive positive balance from foreign trade, which will enable to re-invest in the renewal of the economy on a ongoing basis.

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