Leila Muzaparova: President’s Message Is Platform for Further Growth

23 december 2015

The current Message of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan is an effective mechanism to respond to the crisis. And the high-quality implementation of all directions will enable to prepare a platform for the further economic development of the country. This was said by the First Deputy Director of Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President Leila Muzaparova in the interview for the portal ORTCOM.KZ.

“The last five years was a period of serious economic challenges for the country: firstly, strong turbulence; then the collapse in world markets; failure to the timely launch of the Kashagan project; the negative impact of the sanctions confrontation between two trading partners, the growth of the crisis in the global financial system and others. All previous Presidential Messages contained a set of measures to overcome the emerging challenges and crisis regulation,” said the expert.

According to the words of Leila Muzaparova, this Message is a logical continuation of the previous and consists of goals and objectives, which today are very important for Kazakhstan.

“Firstly, the search for new sources of growth for the national economy and, primarily, internal reserves. Secondly, conducting new reforms, in particular, the reform of the state and corporate management, financial and fiscal sectors. And finally, the most important - the further development and constant modernization of all spheres of public life. After all, the current crisis will not last forever, and now we must think about the future development,” said the speaker.

The development strategy of Kazakhstan's economy should be based not only on the understanding of the structural changes in the world economy and the future prospects of world economic development, but it must also take into account our national competitive advantage, the activation of which will be able to provide a steady and rapid growth in production.

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