N. Yerimbetov: NGOs to Be Actively Involved in Implementation of President's Message

3 december 2015

In the Message to the people “Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reform, development”, the President Nursultan Nazarbayev voiced a number of conceptual initiatives aimed at strengthening the national economy and further social development. The Head of State called on all political parties, public associations and citizens to be imbued with a common concern for the welfare of our country, actively participating in the implementation of this message. The leader of “Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan” Nurlan Yerimbetov spoke about the role of non-governmental sector in the implementation of the Message in the interview for the portal ORTCOM.KZ.

“The President’s words gave confidence in the future. The Head of State proposed specific measures that will enable to solve the global challenges on maintaining economic growth and further progressive development. It's safe to say that the President appealed to each of us. I liked his wish, even the requirement to live within our means, to be mobile and not to sit in one place, to go around the country and to look for work where there are workplaces,” said the speaker.

Nurlan Yerimbetov noted that the speech of the President with the Message to the people of Kazakhstan was attended by representatives of non-governmental sector from all regions of the country, who will take an active part in the implementation of initiatives.

“The main task of NGOs - to bring the President's initiative to every citizen of Kazakhstan. We will work on clarifying the Message in cooperation with regional organizations. Because this is an issue for everyone, and each of us must actively work to achieve the objectives,” said the expert.

According to his words, this is the beginning of a long and fruitful work, the success of which depends on each of us.

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