Ye. Bolgert: Attracting Investment at Local and National Levels Should Be Carried Out in Parallel

26 november 2015

During the expanded session of the Government, the President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that ministers and mayors bear personally responsibility for the attraction of investments.

The Ministry for Investment and Development, together with other relevant government authorities and representatives of the business community are actively studying the international experience. Recently, they have made the trip to Australia. The economy of the continent is characterized by high competitiveness, openness, and flexibility. With a strong resource base, Australia successfully attracts foreign capital. The Executive Secretary of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Yevgeny Bolgert commented on the experience of this country, as well as the issue of the need for the revitalization of local executive bodies in the interview for the portal ORTCOM.KZ.

“In Australia, the states are directly involved in the work with investors. Royalties (type of tax - approx.) are set at the local level, and this may affect the fiscal instruments of raising funds in this or that state. In Australia, there is a strong competition between regions in this field. And this makes the work in this direction more effective,” said the speaker.

According to the words of Yevgeny Bolgert, the work with foreign partners should be carried out at both local and national levels.

“In Kazakhstan, decisions on the development and production of common mineral resources are taken at the local level. For large - at the national level. And there is a need for clear coordination. Akimats must promptly address the issues of necessary infrastructure for investors,” said the expert.

Meanwhile, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs is actively working to develop a Map of regional business development. The work is carried out jointly with the Akimat. This document should serve as a guide for foreign entrepreneurs.

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