Berkutchi girl, ethnic Kazakh from Mongolian aimag Bayan-Olgy-Aysholpan Nurgayypkyzy, with whose participation director Otto Bell in 2016 shot a documentary Eagle Huntress . The other day she was awarded a grant of 20 thousand dollars for training. In more detail about herself, her experience in cinema, about the originally Kazakh hunting for game with golden eagle, she told in an interview for our site.

- Aisholpan, do you remember your first victory?

- When I first won the competition among Burkutshi - 78 participants competed for the first place. All but me were men. I was then 13 years old.

- What game then caught your golden eagle?

- Fox and hare.

“But you also hunted wolves, tell me about this hunt.”

- One wolf take two golden eagles.

- How old were you then?

- I was 12 years old then.

- How many years have you been in this business?

- Since 8 years old.

- You were the only girl in those competitions. Do you have followers now?

- Yes, after I won, in Mongolia, the girls began to engage in this business.

- How did you start hunting with a golden eagle?

“When my brother, who was holding the eagle, went to the army, I asked my parents if they would be against if I took his eagle, they agreed.” Although there were many voices around, that it was not a female occupation.

- Aisholpan, you were invited to study at Harvard and Oxford. Have you accepted their invitations?

- Yes of course!

- Which invitation did you choose?


- Whom would you like to become - an actress, a burkushi or choose a science?

- I'm still in thought.

- What is the main thing in working with the golden eagle? How did you teach him to hunt?

- First, we take on our hands, stroke, communicate, indulge, teach us to caress.

- Is this your first golden eagle? How do you address him? How did he come from you? How old do you train him?

- At first I took over my brother's eagle. Then she took this, gave a nickname - Akkanat. She found him still a chick in a ravine with a depth of 18 meters. Since he has appeared, 4 years have passed.

- How much meat does he need per day?

- 500 grams.

- How much time did you give to the shooting of the film “Eagle Huntress”?

- It took 2.5 years

- What happened next?

- I visited the United States 30 times at the invitation, was in Dubai.

- Did you like Astana, Kazakhstan?

- Yes, this is the land of the Kazakhs. I always wanted to see her. Find out what people are here, customs. Of course, I really like it here.

- Thank you for the conversation!

The author: Gulmira Sarbasova

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