The results of the 7-20-25 program for 2018 were voiced at a press conference in the CCS by the chairman of the board of the Mortgage Organization Baspana JSC Kairat Altynbekov. In more detail about solving the housing problem thousands of Kazakhstanis through current programs "7-20-25" and "Baspana Heath" he told in an exclusive interview for our site.

- Kairat Turekulovich, how many loans under the “7-20-25” program issued for today?

\ - You know that officially the program of 7-20-25 works since July 4 of this year. As of December 21, 2018, over 6 thousand applications were received in Kazakhstan for the amount of KZT70.4 billion. Of these, about 44.2 billion tenge was approved for issuance by banks. According to the results of the year, according to the forecasts of the Mortgage Organization Baspana, the amount of approved loans will be 45 billion tenge.

According to the established indicators, it is planned to issue at least 1 trillion tenge of mortgage loans for the first 5 years.

- According to the program "7-20-25", the residents of Astana received the most loans, but what about other regions of the country? Are there any obstacles between customers, banks and your organization?

\ - Speaking in the context of the regions, it can be noted that the city of Astana finished the year in terms of the number of participants. The city of Almaty, the East Kazakhstan Mangystau, Akmola and Aktobe regions are also among the leading regions.

At the end of the year, the number of banks participating 7-20-25 is brought to eight. The last in December was joined by Sberbank. Thus, in 7-20-25, CenterCredit, ATF, Narodny, Tsesna, Eurasian, RBC, Forte and Sberbank banks lend. With the financing of mortgage loans - no problem. The loan issued by the bank for “7-20-25” is bought by us daily.

- For the first time, the Mortgage Organization Baspana has been assigned this rating. It happened, literally, last week. As a subsidiary of the National Bank, we received a rating at the level of the sovereign rating of the country. You know that the program faced the shortage of primary housing, especially in the regions. For a partial solution of the deficit issue, we allocated 150 billion tenge for housing construction for 7-20-25. And akimats can use these funds by issuing municipal bonds.

- Comment on the news about the issue of municipal bonds by the Shymkent Akimat ...

\ - Literally 4 days ago, the akimat of the city of Shymkent issued bonds worth 10 billion tenge, which were acquired by Baspana. Thus, Shymkent was the first of the regions to use our financing for the construction of housing. We also urge other akimats to consider this mechanism and, if necessary, through us, to attract additional funds for construction. According to our forecasts, affordable housing worth up to 375 billion tenge will be built through funding from Baspany over the next 5 years.

- What forms and methods of attracting clients to participate in your programs do you use?

\ - As we have previously stated, Baspana finances its activities by issuing and placing bonds on the stock market. Currently, we have carried out two issues of securities totaling 50 billion tenge. The total amount placed is 40 billion tenge. Next year we plan to place 200 billion, as well as begin the process of securitization of mortgage loans. In this part, we are already creating a benchmark. We were the first to be rated, placed and finance mortgage programs on market terms. According to the prequalification project, on the basis of Tsesnabank we are now testing integration with state databases. You know that at the beginning of 2019 we are planning to offer a pilot product for which online it will be possible to obtain preliminary approval for the loan 7-20-25. This greatly optimizes and accelerates the process of approval and issuance of loans, which, in general, will have a large positive effect during the implementation of the program.

- In 2018, 3,700 Kazakhstanis received a mortgage on the 7-20-25 program, which ensured the activity of the population in the outgoing year?

\ - As you know, the program 7-20-25 has aroused an increased interest among the population. I can say that this is now the most discussed state initiative. In general, over 3 million Kazakhstanis were interested in the program. Since the start of the program, Baspana has completed about 40 thousand complaints from citizens. Exhaustive consultations were given for all appeals. Our partner banks also actively advise their clients. In the framework of the broad explanatory work reflected in paragraph 54 of the National Plan for the implementation of the Head of State’s Address, we, together with the National Bank, local akimats, partner banks, held meetings with the population in all 17 regions of the country. At the meetings, experts answered questions of more than 6 thousand residents of the regions. In general, in 2018, information explanations on 7-20-25 covered about 6 million fellow citizens.

- What are the benefits for consumers of the Baspana Hit program?

\ - You know, on stage

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