The results of the thirteenth republican competition “Altyn Sapa” were summed up, the results of which identified the country's best enterprises in the field of quality and management efficiency. The Kazakhstani Certification Center for Railway Transport LLP has been recognized as the best among medium-sized businesses. The company provides services for product certification under the technical regulations of the Customs Union, cooperates with a number of European companies in joint testing. Today, the company's competence is able to satisfy all the necessary needs of railway production. Aidar Nigmetov, Director of Kazakhstan Certification Center on Railway Transport, told about the success story, development strategy and future plans.

- Aidar Sagadievich, your company is quite young **, but already earned ** a recognition and trust in the market in confirming compliance with railway products, becoming a nominee for "Altyn Sapa" in the provision of services. What is the secret of the company ** I in achieving t what a high position ? **

\ - We are honored to receive a national award for achievements in the field of quality. The strategy of creating the first narrow-profile competent company in Kazakhstan in the field of conformity assessment of railway products was determined only in 2013, and the transition period ended in 2014. During this period, the Company established a conformity assessment body in Astana, accredited in accordance with the requirements of international standards to conduct work on the assessment of the compliance of railway products with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Also, a unique testing center was created in Ekibastuz that is able to provide a sufficient amount of necessary tests for the purpose of assessing the conformity of railway products in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of railway rolling stock” (TR TS 001/2011), “On safety of high-speed railway transport "(TR CU 002/2011)," On the security of railway transport infrastructure "(TR CU 003/2011).

In a relatively short time, a lot of work has been done: from the establishment of the enterprise to the issuance of certificates. I believe that the professionalism, enthusiasm and dynamic work of a team of like-minded people have become the key to success for the company.

- The Company's Testing Center is located in Ekibastuz. Does it interfere with the process control system? Why Ekibastuz?

\ - When we first started the project, probed the market, picked up data in search of the optimal geographic location of the testing center, we proceeded from such basic conditions as convenient logistics, efficient transport interchange and industrial potential of the city. The choice of Ekibastuz was not accidental. The railway cluster in this city is gaining momentum, it is represented by such companies as Kazakhstan Railcar Building Company LLP, the switch and railway wheel manufacturing plant of Prommashkomplekt LLP, an enterprise for the production of plastic parts for rail fasteners R.W.S. BINDING »and others. The fact that the center is in a zone with a developed railway structure has also contributed to the qualitative search, selection and recruitment of personnel for the test center.

   \ - Aydar Sagadievich, tell us about the selection of employees for the testing center and for the company as a whole, how did the staff of your narrow-profile organization be formed?

At the origins of the organization were 3 people, I had to work from early morning until late at night. It was necessary to attract and engage people with universal skills. Initially, we recruited specialists with experience on the railroad who had an idea of ​​what a carriage, frame, beam, component parts are, and further, we needed specialists who were able to work with state standards and subordinate acts. We lacked professionals in rendering and working with software in 3 D format. At the first stage, we invited specialists from Russia and Ukraine. These were the age shots of 65-70 years old, they were assigned to young guys with higher education. Having a clear vision of the situation, we attracted the best specialists from the Dnipropetrovsk Institute (Ukraine) to cooperation, provided a social package and a wage fund, and at the same time improved the skills of local specialists. In Kazakhstan, invited experts were retrained in order to comply with all the rules and regulations of local legislation. Now there are 40 people in the staff; this is the main asset of the company, on whose experience, loyalty and professionalism the business holds. Competence, love of common cause and mutual respect are the foundation of our success.

- Aydar Sagadievich, h ** then this is a stimulus for your ambitious plans, what tasks have been accomplished and what remains to be done? Tell us about your plans to improve the results achieved. **

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