The head of the department of the National Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnara Terlikbaeva about what you need to pay attention to when buying fireworks, Bengal lights?

Gulnara Saylaubekovna, Every year with the advent of the New Year, the population purchases pyrotechnics, and every year in the country there are injuries related to non-observance of simple safety regulations. What should people know when acquiring and using pyrotechnics?

To exclude injury and harm to health, you must know and comply with the following safety instructions when purchasing, storing and using pyrotechnics:

All pyrotechnic products (firecrackers, fireworks, salutes, crackers, etc.) are subject to mandatory certification and must have instructions for their use in the state or Russian language, which must be attached to the product or applied to the product itself. This is governed by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of pyrotechnic products" dated August 16, 2011, according to which the product or packaging (container) is marked with information text and manipulation marks, instructions for their use , name and location organization - the manufacturer (supplier or importer), which guarantees the quality and safety of products.

Where is the best place to buy them?

Pyrotechnic products need to be bought only in places of official sale. You should not buy them in places not regulated for these purposes (markets, kiosks and other outlets) or from “acquaintances", since most likely you will purchase an uncertified or illegal product that can pose a serious danger when it is used. When buying pyrotechnic products, it is necessary to pay attention to the packaging; there should be no wet places on it, breaks. Buying them with a trademark, you really get a quality product.

How to store them?

Pyrotechnic products should be stored in a dry place, in a package, out of the reach of children. It is forbidden to store them in a humid or dry room with a high temperature of air (more than 30 ° C) in the vicinity of flammable objects and substances, as well as heaters. In the cold season, it is advisable to store fireworks in a heated room, otherwise they may become damp due to temperature fluctuations. The damp fireworks are strictly forbidden to dry on heating devices, and using heating devices (building and household hair dryers, blowtorches, etc.).

It is not recommended to carry them in your pocket and carry them for a long time in the car. Before using pyrotechnic products, be sure to read the instructions. Remember that even a familiar and ordinary-looking pyrotechnic product may have its own characteristics.

What should I look for when applying them?

 It is not recommended to apply them directly from the hands or other parts of the body; it is strictly forbidden to direct them towards the face, other parts of your body and other people.

All fireworks, intended for sale to the public, are initiated by igniting the igniter cord. Release and straighten the igniter cord on your products in advance. Before you set fire to the wick, you need to know exactly where the product has the top and where the burning elements will come from.

Salutes should be installed on a hard, flat surface. Salutes with a small area of ​​the base should be fixed by pouring earth from the sides or installed in dense snow. This will avoid possible tipping of the product. Missiles and flying fireworks should be run away from homes, buildings with dilapidated roofs or open attics. For terrestrial fireworks, you need to choose a smooth surface that does not hinder their movement. It can be ice, flat soil, asphalt, smooth concrete. The fireworker should, after igniting the products, immediately move away from the danger zone, with his back to working products.

The main safety rule: never disassemble fireworks - neither before use nor after! CATEGORICALLY, DO NOT disassemble, retrofit, or otherwise modify the design of a pyrotechnic product before and after using it.

  What advice can you give to buying various firecrackers, fireworks, fireworks, firecrackers, and other pyrotechnics?

When handling pyrotechnic products it is prohibited:

  • use them to persons younger than 18 years old, without the presence of adults;
  • smoke near a pyrotechnic product;
  • mechanically act on them;
  • throw, hit a pyrotechnic product;
  • throw them into the fire;
  • to use pyrotechnic products indoors (with the exception of: sparklers, cake candles, crackers);
  • to keep a working pyrotechnic product in hands (except for Bengal lights, cake candles, crackers);
  • use them near buildings, structures of trees, power lines and at a distance less than the dangerous radius
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