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08 april 2016
The Treaty between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters signed during the official visit of the Head of State to the United Kingdom on November 3, 2015 entered into force on April 4, 2016 in Kazakhstan and in the United Kingdom.The treaty was ratified by the parliaments of both countries in February this year.The Treaty regulates the matters on legal assistance in criminal matters and provides a full set of proceedings necessary to prove the guilt of the person who committed the crime, including the confiscation of property and proceeds of crime.The international document is an important step in rapprochement of Kazakh-British cooperation in the fight against crime, ensuring the rule of law and order. Its implementation will enhance the effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies of the two countries in the field of prevention and detection of crime.
27 december 2015
The President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the Decree “On measures for improving the activity of the Supreme Judicial Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. It is reported by the press service of Akorda.
25 december 2015
The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a final meeting, which was attended by the leadership of the Ministry, chief commanders of the troops, commanders of troops of regional commands, chiefs of military higher education institutions, departments of defense affairs. It is reported by the press service of Ministry of Defence.
24 december 2015
Russia has completed the project of gratuitous transfer of the air defense systems S-300 to Kazakhstan. This was announced by the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu, after a meeting of the CIS Council of Defense Ministers.
23 december 2015
At the initiative of the Head of State, since 2012 Kazakhstan has conducted systematic work on the implementation of the principle of “zero tolerance” to disorders and minor offences. Activities for the formation of “zero tolerance” have been organized with the use of the advanced foreign experience. It is reported by the press service of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan.
22 december 2015
The regular meeting of the Public Council on the rule of law under the General Prosecutor's Office was held under the chairmanship of the Deputy of the Mazhilis Kuanysh Sultanov.
21 december 2015
Under the chairmanship of the General Prosecutor Askhat Daulbayev was held a meeting of the Coordinating Council on ensuring the rule of law and the fight against crime. The meeting discussed compliance of the anticorruption legislation and the Honor Code of civil servants by the staff of the law enforcement agencies.
14 december 2015
In order to fulfill the President’s orders on ensuring transparency and control of work of the internal affairs bodies, the General Prosecutor’s Office has created the portal “Map of criminal offenses”. This was informed by the Chairman of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan Saule Aitpayeva during the press conference in Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan.
11 december 2015
The training center for peacekeeping operations under Kazakhstan's peacekeeping brigade has started its operations in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defenсe.
10 december 2015
For the current year, the percentage of employment of Kazakhstani prisoners has increased to 54%. This was informed by the Head of the seventh Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office Serikbai Yerimbetov during the press conference in Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan.
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