Land Issue

02 july 2016
During the session of the Land Commission in Kyzylorda region Deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament Vladislav Kosarev, made a proposal in which the land owners would not have the right to pass land to lease, instead should cultivate it themselves."We can not continue to agree in allowing only people with money to use land. It is necessary that land is the property of all the nation. We must put a limit. Let the land be privately owned but only by the person who works on it himself, so that he will not give it to rental. Why does he not work on it himself but uses it for enrichment. We have 8 million. tons of grain exported, we receive 2 billion dollars for the sold grain. However, 400 thousand dollars are returned to our country, 1.5 billion dollars remain offshore. This can not continue to occur in such manner., "- said the deputy.Vladislav Kosarev said that a country with such land resources should be happy and rich.
02 july 2016
Whilst saving the Institute rental of agricultural land for up to 49 years, representatives of public councils, associations and entrepreneurs of the Nazpalata can be included into the competition committee. This proposal was voiced at the session of the Land Commission in Kyzylorda by the Vice-Minister of Agriculture Yerlan Nysanbaev."It is necessary to develop and approve a standard lease. The contract will provide duties, responsibilities and rights of land users, which will more clearly and in a timely manner control the use of agricultural land, fulfillment of the terms of the contract", - he underlined.Erlan Nysanbaev also noted the need to strengthen the control over the use of the leased land."The usage must be strictly in accordance with the diversification of crop production, soil conservation, carrying out agricultural activities, receiving an annual average crop capacity of not less than 85% of the district average index, the use of production technology, to prevent harm to the environment, to attract investment and new technologies", - summed up the vice-minister.
02 july 2016
In Kyzylorda region a session of the Commission on the Land Reform is being held, which is chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan - Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Askar Myrzakhmetov.Beginning the session, the Chairman of the Commission stated that before its members lays the task to review every article of the Land law in terms of practical implementation."Today important tasks are placed upon us. Considering the effectiveness of the legislation, we must take into account its impact on the economy and welfare of the population. Prior to today's meeting, we considered the main activities of our Commission. Accordingly, we defined areas in which we will work towards.", - said Askar Myrzahmetov.We recall, Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev has imposed a moratorium on the new Land law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as instructed to create the Commission, in cooperation with government agencies, non-governmental organizations to discuss the issue, clearly explain and define positions in the disputed points of the Land law and to give suggestions to the Parliament.
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