Dear Colleagues! We want to sincerely congratulate you on our professional holiday - the Day of Communications and Information Workers!

For more than six years, the information policy of the country has been formed and implemented by the joint efforts of the CCS, government agencies and the media. We are all united by a single task to highlight the main and current events in the country and the world.

Not everyone even imagines what a colossal work is being done so that the citizens of the country receive high-quality, timely and objective information about how many people and fans work behind the scenes. In addition to the journalists themselves, they are coordinators, directors, cameramen, sound engineers, engineers, editors, system administrators, designers, layout designers and developers. Our services include a state-of-the-art and native building of the Kazmediacentre, the technical capabilities of Kazteleradio, Kazsatnet and much more.

Yes, the work of communication and information workers is not easy and requires great responsibility and commitment, prompt response and a professional approach; together, WE are one big, solid and professional team. And we all share a love for their profession)))

But, first of all, I want to say words of recognition and respect to the dear team of the Central Control System. This is a cohesive, super-professional and creative family of like-minded people who are ready to do everything to make it easier for both journalists and press services to do their favorite business.

Every day we quickly create news and inform society about the main and current trends, actually becoming the main platform of the country for open dialogue and close interaction between citizens and the state.

I also express special appreciation and gratitude to the regional communication services. In just 2-3 years, they have become a real moderator of the local informational agenda. But, after all, it is there, “on the ground,” that all the most interesting and present happens.

This whole large team of the Central Communications Service is a link for open dialogue and close interaction in the media sphere. Dedication, honesty, dedication and understanding - these are the main qualities of our team.

Friends! On our professional holiday, accept from us the words of sincere gratitude and appreciation for your hard and noble work.

We wish you creative success, prosperity and more good news!

Sincerely, Ruslan Alishev