In 2017, the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana will host the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 with the theme “The Energy of Future”.

“Astana’s success in the competition for the right to host the EXPO-2017 is the success of people of Kazakhstan. I have no doubts that all Kazakhstanis will take active part in preparation for the International Exhibition. I am confident that the EXPO-2017 will be another important chapter of our history,” the President said in his Address to the Nation on December 6, 2012.

The exhibition in Astana will allow Kazakhstan to attract new technologies and innovations for development of the green economy and implementation of the other environmental initiatives of the President including “Green Bridge” Program and the Energy and Environmental Strategy of Kazakhstan.  

The EXPO exhibitions are events of the global scale that can be compared with the international economic forums in terms of their importance and popular sport events in terms of their attractiveness for tourists. About 5 million foreign guests are expected to visit the exhibition in Astana over 3 months.  

Astana will conduct large-scale institutional and organizational work over the next five years to prepare for hosting the EXPO-2017. New unique buildings will become symbols of the EXPO-2017 and a part of the world treasury of architecture and city planning.

The international exhibition will give a new impetus for development of Astana’s agglomerations. The exhibition facilities will become new “people’s constructions” providing tens of thousands of people with jobs.

Kazakhstan will have a multiplicative effect from the investments in construction, tourism infrastructure and hotel business. The EXPO-2017 in Astana will boost economic and infrastructural development of the whole country.