National report "Youth of Kazakhstan – 2014"

National report «Youth of Kazakhstan – 2014»

The national report "Youth of Kazakhstan - 2014"

The national report "Youth of Kazakhstan- 2014", prepared by the Scientific-Research Centre "Youth" (hereinafter - SRC "Youth") commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The purpose of the National report "Youth of Kazakhstan - 2014" is an academic review of the status and key trends among the youth of Kazakhstan in 2014.
The National report consists of 8 chapters, which describe the social and demographic processes among the youth; analysis of the major components of the young generation’s vital functions such as health, education and science, participation in social and political processes, socio-economic status and value orientations in detail.
The causes forcriminality, measures of delinquency and crime prevention amongst youth were analyzed.

The report also used the results of the National Online Consultation with Youth, an initiative of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducted by SRC "Youth" with support from a joint programme of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and European Union Delegation to Kazakhstan.
In addition, the report includes data from international indices: Youth Wellbeing Index (YWI) and Youth Development Index (YDI), which prove the growing importance and significance of the youth’s problems for the global community. It is noteworthy that Kazakhstan ranks 27th among 170 countries based on the YDI score, according to the YWI calculations of international experts, the country is placed on the 10th position among 31 countries.

Content of the National report “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2014”

CHAPTER 1 Demographic characteristic of the youth of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

CHAPTER 2 State youth policy implementation

CHAPTER 3 Health of young generation

CHAPTER 4 Education and science in the life of youth

CHAPTER 5 Social and economic status of youth

CHAPTER 6 Crime among youth

CHAPTER 7 Youth in social and political processes

CHAPTER 8 Youth subcultures 

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