Press Center Features

To organize and conduct press conferences, briefings and expert venues, please call: +7 (7172) 55-93-45 by filling out this registration form.

The main information platform of the country, the CCS Press Center, meets all the advanced requirements and is a multifunctional platform for holding press events. On our media outlets, you can hold press events, conferences, discussion events, briefings and interviews of various formats.

The press center has the ability to integrate and control the equipment of the hardware-studio complex “Kazmedia Ortalygy”, which performs the functions of generating and processing television signals, generating combined images from several sources using a variety of artistic effects and means of transition from one image to another, as well as integration with existing equipment for the formation and processing of sound signals, switching and control signals.

The hall accommodates about a hundred people, which enables to hold events of an international level. The press center is equipped with a unique LED screen for covering press events by playing video and graphic information.

The possibility of a wireless audio-conferencing system for 20 subscribers with the function of sign language translation and a mobile interpreter booth that allows communication with 17 regions of the country.

In addition, the Press Center is equipped with a radio microphone system. The Press Center has a separate room for speakers and guests of the event, and a separate room for journalists.

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