Media Center
Central Communications Services
under the President of the Republic ofKazakhstan

Основные функции

медиапланирование и прогнозирование информационной повестки дня
разработка медиасценариев и медиасообщений для Президента РК и госорганов, непосредственно подчиненных и подотчетных Президенту РК
внедрение механизмов оперативного текущего и антикризисного информационного управления
координация и сопровождение действий региональных служб коммуникаций
разработка практических рекомендаций и технологических решений в кризисных ситуациях

Media Center - Multi-Purpose Complex


  • 100 people
  • during the period of stepping up restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the capacity of the hall has been reduced to a maximum of 50 people


  • modern video, audio and lighting equipment
  • 5th generation LED screen with video conferencing system installed
  • conference- and radio-microphone communication
  • "President" teleprompter
  • equipment for simultaneous and sign language interpretation
  • Internet speed in the studio of 100 mb / s (wi-fi and cable TV)
  • separate additional media room with video broadcast of the event
  • office for 5-7 speakers


  • director
  • audio operator
  • video, photo operators
  • moderators
  • designers
  • make-up artist

Media Center Opportunities

Media Events

Installing diverse locations (from TED format to Euro format)
Transmitting live broadcast signal of media and organizational events to all TV channels, broadcasting on Youtube and Facebook social media sites
Arranging off-site media and organizational events throughout the republic

Other Events

The media center is equipped with a unique LED screen for lighting media events by playing video and graphic information, connecting participants in a remote format
The media center is enabled to integrate and control with the equipment of the "Kazmedia Ortalygy" broadcast television complex
Video conferencing with 17 regions of the country
Facility of holding events involving foreign speakers with the function of simultaneous translation from a mobile interpreter booth
Facility of holding press events in a remote format (with live broadcast on social media and TV), by connecting speakers through video conferencing or the ZOOM video platform
The hall's facilities allow for international-level events

Event formats

Press events

Press conference

International teleconference bridge

Off-sitemedia event

Euro format

Standing briefing

TED format

Organizational events

Round tables


Expert media events


Protocol meetings



Off-site events


Briefings from the scene

Media tours

Reporting meetings

Placement of Speakers in the Presidium

Classical Presidium

Euro format

Briefing "On your feet"

Seating Arrangement in the Hall

Round tables

Semicircular table


"Theater" and "Amphitheater"


TEDx event

The largest events held on the site of the media center

of the Central Communications Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“G-Global XXI” International Online Congress


"Nursultan Nazarbayev: a Global Politician" International Conference


"29th session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan" involving  the Elbasy and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

апрель 2020

Presentation of the SOZTUZER  dictionary for journalists


Presentation of grants of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the media

Results of the Central Communications Service in 2020