October 24-25, 2018, in the Kazmedia center and on the site of the Astana Central Communications Service the large-scale republican forum “Astana Agro Forum - 2018” is held.

The event is attended by over 80 participants, international experts, agricultural producers, heads of local executive bodies, and representatives of the non-governmental sector.

As part of the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State in the annual Message to the people of Kazakhstan, the agro-industrial complex is faced with the task of increasing labor productivity and export of processed agricultural products within 5 years at least 2.5 times.

The basis of the two-day work of all dialogue platforms is the updated State Program for the Development of the AIC for 2017–2021, as well as its sectoral directions on the following panel sessions and discussions: “Long-term programs for the AIC: sectoral programs in livestock and plant growing”, “Development of seed production”, “ Rational use of land "," Integration of agrarian science with business. "

For the first time, within the sectoral forum, a large volume of the program is reserved for interaction with the non-governmental sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Civic Alliance of Kazakhstan was created a Coalition of Rural NGOs.

Also within the framework of the Forum a “round table” is planned with the participation of heads of large transnational companies, industry leaders, within the framework of which a number of promising memoranda will be signed.

Conducting such Forums is aimed at providing agricultural producers with the necessary information resources, providing accessible dialogue platforms, the opportunity to ask questions to government representatives and experts, to familiarize with mechanisms of state support, which in turn will affect productivity and production volumes in general.

Within the framework of the Forum 24/09 a panel session was held 1 - Long-term sectoral, infrastructural and regional programs of the agro-industrial complex. Also, participants on this day were able to participate in the plenary session of the Republican Conference on the Development of Rural NGOs "Civil Society and the State: Partnership, Dialogue and Responsibility". The inaugural conference of the Rural NGOs Coalition

We remind you that some of the events take place on the information platform of the CCS.

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Президент Казахстана Касым-Жомарт Токаев:

"Никто не может быть выше закона. Первые руководители, как в центре, так и на местах, будут отвечать за своих подчиненных, уличенных в коррупции. При этом нужно принимать меры не постфактум, а выработать комплексные и системные предупредительные механизмы"

Министр индустрии и инфраструктурного развития РК Роман Скляр:

«Всего на территориях специальных экономических зон (с 2002 по 2019 годы) запущено 183 проекта, из которых с иностранным участием 46 проектов. Создано 15,5 тысяч рабочих мест. В бюджет в виде налогов возвращено порядка 150 млрд. тенге»

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