The agenda of the session is defined: "The unity of the people is the basis of a renewed Kazakhstan." The current session consists of two parts. On the first day, discussion topics were organized dedicated to the work of the APK.

Yesterday, the President took part in the election of a Mazhilis deputy elected from the APK. In connection with the upcoming amendments to the Constitution, voting in this format was held for the last time. The APK quota is now transferred from the Mazhilis to the Senate and reduced from 9 to 5 deputies.

The session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan consists of two parts. On the first day, discussions were held in three sections.

The theme of the first section is "Future of the Nation: Building and Modernization of the APK", the second section - "The unity of the people, the role of education, the culture of institutions, civil society and mass media", the third section - "The Youth Session of the APK".