There will also be the possibility of using forced labor on the basis of court decisions on an administrative offense.

“Today, forced labor, that is, public works, is used as a punishment for criminal offenses. However, as world experience shows, minor administrative offenses can also be punished with community service. You have probably seen people abroad doing community service for some kind of hooliganism. The same model can be applied here. Thus, for example, for the pollution of public places, it will be possible to attract a person to public works. This can become more effective both for society and for the individual himself, rather than a fine of 5 MCI. Especially in relation to insolvent violators, so that the burden does not ultimately fall on the family budget. This, in fact, shows the maturity of society and readiness for change. If the corresponding amendment is supported, we will begin work on collecting proposals for revising the sanctions of the Code of Administrative Offenses, where it is advisable to introduce such a penalty,” the speaker said.