“There are restrictions in Russia, they set quotas, and those above the quota impose duties of the order of 100 € per ton. We are currently working on an increase to 300€. A 6-month embargo is applied in Armenia, export restrictions also apply in Kyrgyzstan, and a state monopoly operates in Belarus and Uzbekistan. That is, only state-owned companies have the right to collect scrap, process it, the key task is to ensure the internal needs of factories. Today, the European Commission recommended to the European Parliament the adoption of a ban on this type of raw materials and materials. Here, the motive is decarbonization: due to scrap, there will be less emissions, less production of irreplaceable raw materials and will not be subject to additional taxes,” the expert said about the global trend.

Zholmaganbet also added that export by rail is not limited in any way, but the priority is to ensure, first of all, national enterprises.