The main objectives of the new association are to raise awareness of citizens about the national human rights institutions and national legislation of the Turkic-speaking countries, to promote the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental rights. The Association intends to strengthen cooperation between national human rights institutions, implement joint projects to promote knowledge in the field of human rights.

The Association is ready to cooperate with Turkic associations and organizations, foreign ombudsman institutions, international and regional networks of ombudsmen and other international organizations in the field of protection and promotion of human rights.

As the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan Elvira Azimova noted, participation in the Association expands the capacity of the national human rights institution to protect the rights of Kazakh citizens on the territory of the Turkic states and will allow the best practices and legislation in the field of human rights to be exchanged on a regular basis.

“The creation of the Association makes it possible to consistently promote our efforts, including in partnership with other organizations. Our cooperation within the framework of the Association is aimed at serving the Individual, his rights and freedoms. The politicization of these issues is unacceptable,” said Elvira Azimova.