A guarantee of the exercise of the constitutional right to participate in a referendum is your inclusion in the lists of citizens who have the right to participate in a republican referendum.

 The lists are compiled by local executive bodies (akimats) on the basis of your permanent registration at the place of residence on the territory of a particular polling station. Temporarily registered citizens are included in the lists on the basis of the submitted application.

 Polling stations are created by decisions of the respective akims, their boundaries are published in the media. You can find out your site and check your inclusion in the list by contacting the local executive body. If you are not on the list, you have the right to submit an appropriate application to the akimat.

 From May 20, 2022, at your polling station, you will be given the opportunity to check your data in the list of citizens eligible to participate in the republican referendum. If you need to make any changes, you can immediately apply to the precinct referendum commission with an application.

 We call on everyone to show civic responsibility and exercise their right to participate in the republican referendum!