The national team of Kazakhstan included 12 athletes of the sports club "Almaty" for people with disabilities under the Sports Department of the city of Almaty.

As a result of the Games, Almaty residents replenished the treasury of the National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan with 11 medals of various denominations, including 2 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze medals in four sports: judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling and athletics.

For the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan, 2 gold medals at one Deaflympiad were won by Almaty wrestler Khairatkhaan Shonku (130 kg) in Greco-Roman and freestyle separately. The second finalist was Asylzhan Tazhiev (97 kg), who won silver at the Deaflympics in the final bout. Both athletes are pupils of coach, Yerlan Mukazhan.

Among judokas Aldibek Nurmukhamed (silver) and Kanapyanov Shayakhmet (bronze) distinguished themselves in the individual competition. The men's team (Aldibek Nurmukhamed, Kanapiyanov Shayakhmet, Adambayev Askhat, Zhanibekuly Yermek) won 4 bronze medals in the team competition and 1 bronze medal in the women's team competition (Maksutova Assel). The full team of judokas is the wards of the coach Samat Apakov.

Beisebay Rauan excelled in track and field athletics, winning a bronze medal in pole vault. The coach is Elena Ponomareva.

Recall, that Deaflympics is equated to the Olympic and Paralympic sports. Prize money rewards will be paid to the winners: 1st place - 250,000 US dollars, 2nd place - 150,000 US dollars, 3rd place - 75,000 US dollars.

In the overall medal standings, Kazakhstan took 13th place among the participating countries.