A. Tursunov emphasized the importance of launching the transformation of the Meeting into an international organization during the 6th CICA Summit in October 2022, he spoke in detail about the vision of the Kazakh chairmanship for the consistent institutional transformation of the forum and introduced the main content of the draft final document of the Summit. In addition, the organizational aspects of the preparation and hosting of the upcoming Summit were touched upon.

The event was also attended by the Executive Director of the CICA Secretariat, Kairat Sarybai, who shared the work being done by the Secretariat in preparation for the Summit and ongoing projects dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Meeting.

During the exchange of views, the heads of diplomatic missions noted the growing importance of CICA as a multilateral platform for dialogue and cooperation in the current geopolitical turbulence in the world and expressed support for the efforts of the Kazakhstani chairmanship aimed at transforming the Conference into a full-fledged international organization.