During the meeting, the heads of defense departments exchanged views on the challenges and threats to military security in the collective security regions, as well as measures to counter them, and discussed measures to improve the crisis response system and develop peacekeeping potential within the organization.

- We consider it necessary to intensify work on connecting the CSTO to the UN peacekeeping activities, which was noted by the President of Kazakhstan at the May 16 summit. This will not only strengthen the legal personality of the CSTO, but also serve to develop the Organization's peacekeeping potential through practical participation in international peacekeeping operations, the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan noted at the meeting.

Following the meeting, a plan was adopted for the joint training of command and control bodies and formations of forces and means of the CSTO collective security system for 2023. The regulations on basic educational and methodological organizations for the training of military personnel in the specialties of electronic warfare and the basic research organization of the CSTO member states in the field of research on the development of electronic warfare were approved.

 The next meeting of the CSTO Council of Defense Ministers is planned to be held in the second half of 2022 on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.