Opening the event, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tleuberdi noted that "the state is committed to holding the referendum in the most fair and transparent manner, in accordance with the best democratic standards and principles." Kazakhstan counts on an objective assessment of the vote and further support for the reform agenda of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev from international partners.

Chairman of the Central Referendum Commission (CCR) of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Abdirov spoke about the preparations for the upcoming vote and its key procedural aspects. Particular attention is paid to ensuring practical conditions for the free expression of the will of citizens, including persons with disabilities, as well as opportunities for citizens to check their registration as voters, to communicate to all citizens information about the voting process. “The Central Referendum Commission builds its work in strict accordance with the law, operates on the principles of openness and public dialogue. All meetings are held with the participation of the media, live Internet broadcasts are conducted. We welcome cooperation with NGOs, the expert community and international institutions,” the chairman of the Central Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic emphasized.

According to him, the Commission is doing a lot of work in the regions, meeting with the public and members of precinct commissions, informing citizens about the upcoming referendum, there is significant interest from foreign observers.

According to the Central Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, 105 observers from organizations such as the OSCE/ODIHR, the CIS, the Organization of Turkic States, as well as from 13 foreign states have been accredited to date.

As part of the campaign, training seminars are held for national and regional public associations, the media, NGOs on the protection of the rights of people with disabilities.

During the exchange of views that followed the speeches, foreign diplomats showed keen interest in the historical event expected in our country. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to ask questions of interest to the leadership of the Central Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic and to discuss in detail the topics of the upcoming vote.

N. Abdirov thanked in this regard the diplomatic corps "for constant assistance in establishing close contacts with the electoral authorities of foreign countries, exchanging experience in the field of elections and referundums."

More than 70 foreign diplomats, including 41 ambassadors, 10 charge d'affaires and 3 heads of representative offices of international organizations, took part in the meeting with the heads of the Foreign Ministry and the Central Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, online ambassadors of Kazakhstan and heads of foreign missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan participated in the event.

Recall that Kazakhstanis who are abroad on voting day will be able to participate in the referendum at one of the 65 polling stations opened at the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 52 countries of the world.