The study showed an increase in support for the activities of the Head of State and an understanding of the importance of the referendum in the life of the country as the date of the national vote approaches.

Thus, according to the results of a sociological survey, 83.92% of Kazakhstanis support the proposal of the Head of State to hold a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. This is 12% higher than the previous study conducted by the CCS in mid-May this year.

86.86% of the polled Kazakhstanis know that the voting will take place on June 5 this year. The level of public awareness increased by 8%.

76.51% of Kazakhstanis intend to take part in the voting.

The poll showed that 79.10% of Kazakhstanis support the proposed package of constitutional amendments. The scale of support for the political course of the Head of State is even higher - 80.04% are in solidarity with the reforms of President K.K. Tokaev.

A sociological survey was conducted among 1,200 Kazakhstanis aged 18 and over, covering all 17 regions of the country.

Let us recall that earlier the high level of support for the idea of ​​holding a referendum was confirmed by the results of polls conducted by the Central Communications Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 73% (May 3-5); 72.01% (May 17-19).