According to Rafael Gassanov, chairman of the El Namysy special monitoring group, the document is important and gives confidence that it will serve as the basis for more full participation in the achievement of the goals set by the monitoring groups in the future, given that in the development of the state, the instrument of civil control will allow publicly raising socially significant issues and cause resonance in case of inaction of the authorities to more effectively protect the interests and constitutional rights of citizens.

“However, the NGO sector also needs to admit that there was no serious control on the part of society, therefore its weakness in this matter led to the fact that the patience of the people collapsed and the initially peaceful rally with the participation of destructive forces turned into pogroms. For half a year, our team of social activists studied the most pressing issues closely and in detail, on the basis of which we managed to develop certain recommendations. For example, today we have sent six cases of recommendations to the Government, in the following areas - socio-economic, pricing, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and education. For example, in terms of training qualified personnel and their employment, President Tokayev suggested that large businesses take patronage over Kazakhstani colleges and take students to practice. And, of course, to raise the quality of education not only in universities, but also in general education institutions. In fact, everything is not going as expected and with a creak, since concrete steps and an adequate response from the relevant department are not yet visible. However, according to our information, the work is still at an early stage, which means it is too early to talk about upgrading the system. I would like the relevant department, namely the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to give momentum to this process and get involved in the work as soon as possible,” the speaker noted.

Gassanov also spoke about akims of all levels, who “are used to sitting in offices and are in no hurry to maintain constant contact with the population, despite the fact that the president asked them to stop hiding and start building a constructive conversation to solve the problems of ordinary citizens, even issued a whole DECREE” . The group also made recommendations to the responsible persons on containing and controlling prices. A control model is under development. So that no player in the market can artificially create a shortage of goods, and then raise the price of it.