“The project proposes a reduction in the President's quota from 15 to 10 deputies, 5 of which will be recommended by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (APK). The Mazhilis is now elected only through political parties and from the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan - 107 deputies. It is proposed to exclude the quota from the APK - 9 deputy mandates - that is, there will be 98 deputies in the Mazhilis. These 98 deputies will be elected according to a mixed system: some of the deputies will be elected through party lists, and some through direct election of a candidate by the people,” Deputy Justice Minister Alma Mukanova explained the norm.

The termination of the powers of a deputy under this model is also mixed: either the exclusion of a candidate from the party list, the liquidation of a political party, or the recall of a deputy by voters.

The Vice Minister drew attention to the introduction of an imperative mandate that will operate at all levels. This is an opportunity to recall an elected deputy (in a single-mandate constituency), if such a deputy does not meet the needs of society. 100% - at the district level, 50% - at the regional level and about 30% at the Mazhilis level.

In fact, this is a mechanism for increasing the responsibility of elected deputies and an incentive for the implementation of their announced election programs.