“The social significance of rheumatic diseases in our countries is very high and is due to the prevalence, chronic course, tendency to progression and disability. The most important task of the Congress is to jointly solve the problems of early diagnosis and the introduction of modern methods of treating rheumatic diseases using innovative highly effective drugs, surgical treatment that contribute to the preservation of working capacity and social adaptation of patients,” A.Giniyat said.

She noted that the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan is taking measures to improve the quality of specialized rheumatological care by improving the forms of organization, introducing modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation into practical healthcare.

According to the minister, today work is underway to increase the tariffs for clinically costly groups of rheumatological diseases, to update the standard for organizing rheumatological care.

The standard provides for the organization of rooms for genetically engineered therapy with biological preparations for patients with systemic autoimmune and immuno-inflammatory diseases at multidisciplinary hospitals, the head of the Ministry of Health added.

Also, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan supported the initiative to organize the Republican Center for Rheumatology, which will coordinate the activities of the rheumatological service.

“The creation of this center is included in the draft Concept for the development of healthcare in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2026. Cooperation and interaction of the Kazakhstan Collegium of Rheumatology with scientific medical centers will improve the quality and accessibility of medical care to the population in all regions of the country, which will undoubtedly lead to a decrease in morbidity, disability and mortality,” A. Giniyat noted.

In conclusion, she expressed confidence that the VI Eurasian Congress of Rheumatologists would make a significant contribution to the further development of domestic medicine and science.