Experts of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies asked themselves this question and conducted a telephone sociological survey from May 9 to 12. Their results on the margins of the CCS were announced by the director of the institute Yerkin Tukumov. We interviewed 1200 respondents from the capital, Almaty, Shymkent and 17 regions.

“According to our opinion poll, 66.4% of the total population intends to participate in the referendum. Recall that, in accordance with the law, a referendum is considered valid if more than 50% of voters turn out. In general, 70% of Kazakhstanis have heard about the upcoming National Referendum. According to the research results of KazISS, 76.4% of Kazakhstanis support the president's initiative to hold a referendum. That is, the vast majority of Kazakhstanis have an understanding of the importance of the ongoing changes. Only 15.4% - do not support the idea of ​​a referendum, and 8.2% have not decided on a choice . The last figure, although it does not decide the outcome, says that every 10th Kazakhstani has not yet decided. Therefore, our task, as experts, is to clearly, clearly and further explain the meaning and importance of reforms, the need for a referendum in the construction of a new Kazakhstan, a new legal state,” the moderator outlined the purpose of the meeting of experts.