“President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared 2022 the Year of Children in Kazakhstan. Each of us is responsible for the harmonious development of future generations. The basics of parenting start with language. Why were the Nickelodeon and TiJi channels chosen? In order to develop competition, demonstrating animation in the Kazakh language. According to the results of sociological studies, it was found that the Balapan channel is in the 1st place, where content is mainly broadcast in the Kazakh language, cartoons for children, followed by the channels Nickelodeon and TiJi, Cartoon Network, Karusel , "Baby". Note that the channels "Nickelodeon" and "TiJi" are set to compete on a global scale. Today, Nickelodeon is broadcast in 180 countries, TiJi in 20 countries. At present, about 800 hours of cartoons have been translated into Kazakh,” the Vice Minister said.