The principle of the “Listening State”, initiated by the President of the country, is working and allowed most of the recommendations to be promptly responded to and taken into account. Rafael Gasanov, chairman of the special monitoring group El Namysy , spoke about this at a briefing dedicated to the results of monitoring the execution of the instructions of the Head of State.

According to him, their main goal is to achieve accountability of the authorities and access to information through the introduction of mechanisms for openness and transparency in the work of state bodies for the effectiveness of fulfilling promises that affect the interests of citizens and for the benefit of people using monitoring and analysis to publicly report information about the results.

“We hope that the activities of the special monitoring group in the form of a set of data received, their analysis, recommendations and coverage of the information collected will increase the chance to correct the work of state bodies without delay. Timely awareness of citizens and high-level civil servants about the current situation in the country on the platforms of independent media will lead to openness and transparency of all branches of government. Monitoring information comes from 3 large cities and 17 regions, where groups of civil society leaders have already been formed,” the speaker noted.